Joe Yuan
Welcome! I am Joe Yuan!
CUNY Graduate Center
September 2015 to present
Pursuing PhD in physics with Assistant Professor Javad Shabani of CCNY. Focus in Quantum Information and Computing.
New York University
Graduated December 2013
Bachelors of Science, Physics; Minors in Mathematics and Computer Science.
Waldorf School of Garden City
Graduated June 2009
Attended kindergarten through 12th grade.
Graduate Research Assistant
Shabani Lab
City College of New York
February 2016 to present
Focus on superconductor-semiconductor hybrid structure platform for Qubits. III-V MBE material growth. Epitaxial growth of InAs, GaAs, AlAs, InGaAs, InAlAs, Al. Work with InP, GaAs, InAs, and Si substrates. Growth of Al on topologically insulating materials Bi2(Sb,Te)3. Perform SEM, TEM, and FIB. Experience setting up MBE system. Nanofabrication and chemical training. Cryo-free dilution fridge operation. General lab duties: orders, system maintenance. Supervise and guide undergraduate researchers.
Teaching Assistant
City College of New York
September 2016 to present
Teach auxiliary courses (Lab, Recitation) in undergraduate physics. Grade student work, instruct labs, cover subject matter, and create group learning environments to bolster understanding of material.
Software Development and Operations
Newtyn Management
New York City, NY
2013 to 2015
Created user-friendly desktop applications. Capable of Excel Spreadsheet manipulation, PDF analysis, data mining, aggregation, and analysis. Assisted with operations, accounting, reconciliations. IT support and tech advice for firm.
Growth Hacker
Brand Backer (GoMakeIt Labs, Inc.)
New York, NY
Constructed and Managed databases; Collected Data from various internet resources. Analyzed and organized data to grow the company's network. Developed programs in Python and SQL to accomplish tasks.
Independent Research & Development Project
New York University
2013 to 2014
Created a series of websites with extensive use of Tornado, Django, Python, SQL (sqlite3, MySQL, postgreSQl), Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, Ajax, CSS3, HTML5, asynchronous programming, and intricate database linkage.
Astrophysics Research Project
With: Adrian Price-Wehlen, Layla Quinones, and David Hogg.
David Hogg Group, NYU Physics Department
2013 to 2014
Wrote software to process sequences of images to isolate dynamic and static elements.
Production Assistant
Robinson Films Inc.
Science and Math Tutor
NYU College Learning Center
2010 to 2011
DSRG funding award with addition from Chao-Yea Wang Alumni Fund
Properties of Epitaxial Superconductor-Semiconductor Hybrid Structures
New York, NY
Poster presented at 1st annual CREST IDEALS Community Meeting
Properties of Epitaxial Superconductor-Semiconductor Hybrid Structures
New Orleans, LA
Talk given at APS March Meeting.
Computational investigation of epitaxial interface of Al(111) on InAs(100)
College Park, MD
Poster presented at UMD's FQM winter school.
YHack Finalist
With: Carell Hamil, Hyun (Vivian) Park, and Adrian Vatchinsky
Yale University
New Haven, CT
Created a transmitter and receiver for transfer of data via LED light. Our team LaserLock was given a nice nod from Tech Crunch.
HackNY Best Hardware Hack
With: Carell Hamil, Hyun (Vivian) Park, and Adrian Vatchinsky
New York University
New York, NY
Fall 2013
Created a knife which can determine whether it is cutting a tomato or a potato. Upon deciding it will play a tomato/potato themed song, look up tomato/potato related locations in your area, send you a text message about what you just cut into, and find you a random tomato/potato based recipe.
FDNY C-14; Physics; Mathematics; Computer Programming: Python, Java, C, C++, C#, SDL2, HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery, Objective-C, Django, Scrapy, Tornado, SQL, AJAX, angularJS; Data Analysis and Simulation; Web Scraping, Database management; Media Savvy; Accounting; Proficient in German; Moderate Spanish, Portuguese; Proactive, Positive, Problem-solver.
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Caleb Yuan
Jillian Entenman
Actress, Director, Writer, Producer
Adrian Vatchinsky
Programmer and Innovator
Zen Pencils
Project Euler
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Project Euler
Feel free to use any of the code and/or information posted on my site, adhering of course to any Licences that apply, beyond Licencing I only ask that you are polite about where you got it!
On that note, if I have not given due credit somewhere please let me know and I will correct the situation.
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August 21 2017 Eclipse
Some images I captured of the August 21 2017 partial eclipse viewed from NYC.
Attempting to build a computer from scratch. As I construct useful modular pieces I will allow myself the use of pre-built options in the next more complicated.
Simulation of traffic. Implemented variable number of lanes with instantaneous and continuous merging.
I thought one of the recent comics on XKCD was pretty cool, so I made a little GIF of it. It's a clock which shows the time of day, so I made a sped up version to see the clock in faster action than the 24 hr version.
Uses logical elimination techniques to solve sudoku puzzles. This implemenation is written using AngularJS and Ajax calls with a python implementation in order to display it on the web. This is one of my favorite projects and have implemented the solving algorithm in python and java, with a GUI in each (Applet based in java) and callable functionality in python. There are also versions I have written in Python as a command line application and also as a GUI '.app' version.
Python program which converts images to ascii characters. The program uses the wonderful PIL library to handle reading the images and is capable of converting the images to any size, each character representing a pixel. Here is a little webap if you would prefer. The project can also be found on my github.